Install ffplayout

ffplayout provides *.deb amd *.rpm packages, which makes it more easy to install and use, but there is still some steps to do.

  1. download the latest ffplayout from release page.
  2. install it with apt install /tmp/ffplayout_<VERSION>_amd64.deb
  3. install ffmpeg/ffprobe, or compile and copy it to /usr/local/bin/
  4. activate systemd services:
    • systemctl enable ffplayout
    • systemctl enable --now ffpapi
  5. add admin user to ffpapi:
    • ffpapi -a
  6. use a revers proxy for SSL, Port is 8787.
  7. login with your browser, address without proxy would be: http://[IP ADDRESS]:8787

Default location for playlists and media files are: /var/lib/ffplayout/. If you need to change them, the media storage folder needs a symlink to /usr/share/ffplayout/public/.

When you don’t need the frontend and API, skip enable the systemd service ffpapi.

When playlists are created and the ffplayout output is configured, you can start the process: systemctl start ffplayout, or click start in frontend.

If you want to configure ffplayout over terminal, you can edit /etc/ffplayout/ffplayout.yml.